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Why is Proper Tire Care Essential?

At first glance, your tires probably seem like the least interesting parts of your vehicle. These rings of rubber serve to move your car from place to place, but they are otherwise unremarkable.

While they may not be particularly flashy, your tires have more to them than you might think.

If they are in poor condition, your car will struggle in poor weather, suffer from damaged fuel economy, and its driver-assist features will become far less reliable. That's why keeping your tires in good shape is imperative.

By following these easy maintenance tips, you can get the most out of your tires and stay safer on the road:

Tire Rotation: Helps maintain even tread on your tires. Do this when you change your oil.

Tire Pressure: Check monthly.

Wheel Alignment: Schedule yearly (more often if you are plagued by potholes).

Tire Service: Bring your car to our service center in Oxnard, CA today if you need more tire tips or tire maintenance!

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