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Keep Track Of Your Tire's Tread And Have Vista Lincoln of Oxnard Replace Worn Tires

You don't want to be driving on tires with worn out tread because they can make it much more difficult to stop or even blowout. Whenever the tire tread reaches a 4/32 inch level, the tire needs to be replaced. This is a new standard from the old 2/32 inch level.

Using Coins Or Tools To Test Your Tires

One of the quickest ways to check your tire tread level is using a quarter. The Top of Washington's head is about 4/32 inches from the top of the quarter, so if you insert it into the tread, part of his head shouldn't be visible. The old way was to use a penny and look for the top of Lincoln's head at 2/32 inches, but tire standards show that that is now below the right amount needed to stop a car.

Another way you can check your tire tread is by using a tread gauge to measure the depth. You can also look for a tire wear indicator that will be visible when the tread is too short.

Replace Tires Immediately

You don't want to get in a terrible vehicle accident while driving, so if you notice tires starting to go bald, bring your vehicle to us at Vista Lincoln of Oxnard.
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