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Time to Get Your Transmission Issues Fixed

Once a car starts to experience trouble with its transmission, a high level of panic might set in. Depending on the extent of the damage, the transmission may not be repairable. The vehicle may need a rebuilt transmission, which can be expensive. Commonly, failure to change the transmission fluid sets all other more serious problems in motion.

Transmission fluid cools and lubricates the various gears and parts of the system. Transmission fluid doesn't last forever. Aging fluid may need to be replaced through a flush or a total replacement. Driving on aged transmission fluid could ruin a car.

Transmission fluid, like any other vehicle fluid, runs the risk of leaking. Whatever the source of the leak is, a fix must be performed. If the transmission fluid leaks out, a vehicle could end up totaled.

When the time comes to check out your car's transmission, bring it over to our service team at Vista Lincoln of Oxnard right in Oxnard, CA. Our transmission experts can handle simple and tough transmission issues with ease.

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