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Avoiding a Tire Blowout is as Simple as Checking the Tires Closely

Here are some of the warning signs that the tires on your car may experience a failure.

Take the time a few times each week first thing in the morning to take a close look at the health of the tire treads. Be sure to get the tires to a service center if you see any cracks, uneven wear, or bulges. These issues combined could cause the tire to fail and lead to a blowout at high speeds.

If the tires on the car are underinflated, more tread on the road means more chances of a tire blowout. It literally will take less than five minutes to check the pressure in the tires using a tire gauge if your vehicle is not equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system.

To extend the life of the car tires, schedule a tire rotation appointment today with Vista Lincoln of Oxnard so we can look for potential tire issues.

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